Brush Creek Basin

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The Project area encompasses the Brush Creek watershed from its headwaters in Kansas to its mouth at the Blue River in Missouri.  The basin drains 29 square miles within 2 states, 3 counties, and 13 cities, and includes two major sub-basins: Rock Creek in Kansas and Town Fork Creek in Missouri.

This corridor is a unifying streamway-greenway across the eastern and western parts of Kansas City, and although there are ongoing flood-mitigation projects along Brush Creek in both Kansas and Missouri there remain several issues to be investigated including: non-point source water quality, ecosystem restoration, connections to recreational amenities, and other allied purposes.

Twenty people lost their lives in the Brush Creek floods of 1977 and 1998. But the area is rebounding from those tragedies and Brush Creek is now known as the “Cultural Corridor” in midtown Kansas City, serving as a highly-traveled business, residential and recreational corridor.

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 City of Kansas City, MO; Johnson County, KS' and US Army Corps of Engineers 


MARC, Kansas City, Missouri Water Services epartment, Jackson County, Kansas Stormwater Division, Brush Creek Community Partners, Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, Southtown Council, Town Fork Creek Neighborhood.



  • 10 Feb 2015 2:22 PM | Glenda Johnson (Administrator)

    The current request:

    BRUSH CREEK BASIN, Johnson County, Kansas and

    Kansas City, Missouri

    FY16 $600,000 Transition to CAP and Begin Design


    FY16 $600,000 transitions to CAP and begin design.

    • Environmental model completed

    • Concept formulation plans for Bi-State reach completed.

    • Concept plans for Bruce R. Watkins reach initiated. used for communication. 

    • Feasibility study to be completed in FY15.


    Protection from the dangerous conditions that killed thirteen people in 1977 and eight people in 1998. Environmental enhancements and traffic and pedestrian movement improvements.

  • 24 Mar 2010 7:33 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

    The City of Kansas City, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas have contributed significant local resources toward the completion of the flood mitigation and related stream work along Brush Creek.

    Funding is requested to continue the collaborative effort of developing a Watershed Management Plan that coordinates planning and project efforts between a large number of local government jurisdictions in both Kansas and Missouri.

    It is important that adequate funding be provided to collect the relevant data, coordinate among the many stakeholders, and establish cost sharing relationships needed to move forward with an integrated watershed based approach to manage both water quality and water quantity along Brush Creek.

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