St. Joseph Levee

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The levee system protects 800 homes and 300 businesses with an estimated investment value of over $1.7 billion.  In 1993 the right bank unit of the St. Joseph levee system failed causing over $95 million in estimated flood damages.  Subsequent hydraulic analyses indicated that it would no longer provide protection from the 100-year flood.

The levee unit has lost its FEMA 100-year certification causing extreme economic hardship to the communities affected, severely limiting the economic potential of the airport and inhibiting upgrading the Air National Guard base. 

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City of St. Joseph, MO; and US Army Corps of Engineers  





  • 10 Feb 2015 2:27 PM | Glenda Johnson (Administrator)

    St. Joseph is one of seven levee projects currently underway that MOARC supports.  The current request is shown below: 

    ST. JOSEPH LEVEE (MRLS) L-455 and R471-460, Wathena, KS and St. Joseph, MO –

    New start construction of authorized project needed in FY15 or FY16

    FY16 $3,200,000 Construction New Start


    • State to release $2M in support.

    • FEMA certification lost due to hydraulic analysis indicating levee not meeting original authorized performance.

    • Elwood-Gladen Drainage District, St. Joseph Airport Levee District, and South St. Joseph Levee District are Non-Federal Sponsors.


    Protection of 800 homes and 300 businesses and a Air National Guard Base with investment value of over $1.7 billion.

  • 24 Mar 2010 7:44 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

    The area includes the flood plain on both sides of the Missouri River in the vicinity of St. Joseph, Missouri within the protected area of the levee system lie the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, the Rosecrans Memorial Airport and Missouri National Guard Base, and the cities of Elwood and Wathena, Kansas.


    Section 216 of the 1970 Flood Control Act (PL-611), which provides authority to re-examine completed Civil Works projects.

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