Line Creek Watershed

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Funding is requested for a study to conduct watershed and floodplain management planning for the Line Creek tributary to the Missouri River under either the continuing authority of planning assistance to states authorized by Section 22 of the Flood Control Act of 1974, or for a reconnaissance study that could lead into a feasibility effort.

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  • 10 Feb 2015 2:55 PM | Glenda Johnson (Administrator)

    The Line Creek area faces a variety of challenges, making it a good candidate for the broader purposes of a planning assistance to states (PAS) study.  The current MOARC request is shown below:

    LINE CREEK WATERSHED, Kansas City, Missouri 

    FY16 $100,000 Continue PAS


    FY16 $100,000 to continue PAS.

    Watershed planning under PAS has begun.


    Watershed planning for rapidly developing area 

  • 24 Mar 2010 8:39 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

    The City of Kansas City Missouri has 35 watersheds within its boundaries, with Line Creek being a rapidly developing watershed making it a high priority.  The City has begun to identify possible improvements for the 6 sub-basins within the Line Creek watershed and the following have been identified as high priorities due to significant flooding and stream bank erosion.

    East Fork Regional Detention Basin – The Line Creek Master Plan Study has revealed that there are 48 flooding locations (East Fork Sub-watershed) downstream of a possible site for a regional detention basin.  A dry regional detention basin is being considered and could significantly reduce peak flows and mitigate the existing flooding problems downstream of the basin location. 

    Old Maids – The Line Creek Master Plan Study has also identified several flooding locations in the Old Maids sub-watershed.  The proposed regional detention basin will provide temporary storage of runoff and lower the peak flows at the downstream end of the sub-watershed.  The significant flow reduction provided by the regional detention facility will prevent flooding downstream from the basin and reduce the need for additional improvements.  The proposed dry regional detention basin will have a storage area of 7.0 acres and as storage volume of 43 acre-feet.  The drainage basins reduce peak flows for the 100-year storm event by 37%. 

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