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Promoting the Beneficial Use of Water Resources in Kansas and Missouri for Over 70 Years

Many Interests:

  • Agriculture 

  • Environment 

  • Flood Damage Reduction 

  • Navigation 

  • Shipping & Ports 

  • Power 

  • Recreation 

  • Water Quality & Supply 

Many Members:
  • 19 Stakeholder Organizations
  • 19 Agricultural Interests
  • 17 Public Entities
  • 8 Engineering Companies​
  • 5 Construction Companies    

MOARC Works for Rivers that work for water users, navigation, flood control, risk management and the environment. 

Since its founding in 1952 in response the great Midwest floods, MOARC has advocated for flood control and water resource conservation in the Missouri and Arkansas River Basins. 

Working with its membership, MOARC identifies water resource needs, opportunities, and policy issues in the region with the goal of sustaining the economic and social wellbeing of communities in these basins. 

While much has been accomplished towards this goal, our membership recognizes that there remains much more to be done along the Missouri and associated rivers. 

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Support Advocacy for the Water Resources in the Missouri River Watershed
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