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Environmental Infrastructure - Planning/ Design/ Construction

Kansas City, Missouri Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction– Westport Watershed

Authorized: Section 502 of WRDA 1999 and Section 219 of WRDA 1992

Type: Environmental Infrastructure

The Need:  The urban development of the Westport watershed dates to the 1800’s. As was typical for development of the time, the local stream was converted into an enclosed sanitary sewer. As a result, the community endures frequent combined sewer overflows coupled with frequent flooding. This authorization allows the City to make progress to address the water resources issues within this important commercial and residential area. However, an increase in authorized funding is needed to fully address the problem.

Atchison, KS Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction

Authorized: Section 5158 of WRDA 2007 and Section 219 of WRDA 1992

Type: Environmental Infrastructure

The Need: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, required a Long-Term Control Plan for sewer separation for each of the nine service areas. This authorization allows the City of Atchison to eliminate wet-weather discharge into the Missouri River.


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