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Important On-going Projects and Programs in Our Region

Design Construction Phase / Construction General​


AuthorizedWIIN 2016

Type: Flood Risk 

Status: Completing 35% design December 2024

Project Benefits:  The flashing nature of flooding in this area in and around the City of Merriam will continue to threaten lives and property within this urbanized watershed. 



Authorized: This program is a critical legal requirement for continued operation and maintenance of the mainstem system and the BSNP including the eight Authorized Purposes and the current Master Manual, with priorities as set by law. 

Type: Ecosystem Restoration

Status: This is an ongoing program that implements

  1. Required habitat actions (Interception and rearing complexes (IRC), Emergent sandbar habitat (ESH)) identified in the Missouri River Recovery Management Plan.  

  2. BSNP mitigation program to replace/mitigate for natural resources lost during the construction of the BSNP in the states of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa where mutually beneficial to landowners and the program and when landowners are willing participants.

  3. Monitoring that informs adaptive management decisions. This allows for the most efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars by avoiding unneeded actions.

  4. Propagation and stocking of pallid sturgeon to supplement future and existing populations until delisting.

  5. Continued engagement with Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee

Project Benefits:

  • Basin-wide collaboration

  • Improves habitat for all aquatic and floodplain species along the river including catfish, waterfowl, and upland game

  • Provides riverfront hunting and recreational opportunities that bring economic benefits 

  • Legal requirement that will affect the operation of the system if not implemented

  • Reduces flood risk 

  • Improves water quality in the Missouri River


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