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Important On-going Projects and Programs in Our Region

Planning Assistance to States Program / General Investigations

This program provides technical expertise and supports development of plans for local flood risk and floodplain management projects, habitat restoration, water infrastructure that local entities can execute.

Active Studies:

  • Missouri Drought Mitigation 
  • Lower Missouri River Flood Risk Assessment 
  • Kansas River Reservoirs Sediment Management Study 
  • Lower Osage River Basin Study 
  • Rathbun Lake Fish Escapement, Iowa 
  • Kansas River Sediment Load/ Drought Plan Methodology 
  • Kansas River Water Quality Study 
  • Kansas River Flows Sediment Study
  • Kansas Water Sustainment Evaluation 
  • Bangert Island Flood Risk & Riverfront Transformation 
  • Stream Corridor Master Plan - Lower Brush Creek 
  • 85th and Holmes stream daylight analysis 
  • Southwest Missouri Water Transmission 
  • Southwest Missouri Water Rate Study
  • KCMO Indian Creek Flood Assessment

New Start Studies:

  • UG Wyandotte Stormwater Runoff Study
  • KCMO Pump Station System Plan
  • KCMO Stream Asset Inventory Update
  • Lakeview Sediment Deposition Study
  • Systemic Bank Erosion in Gasconade Watershed
  • Indian Creek Leawood Study 
  • Hillsdale Lake Watershed Assessment
  • Kansas Reservoir Sediment Technologies Study
  • Crackerneck Creek Watershed Assessment 
  • KAWS Flint Hills Riverfront Trail System
  • Hermann, MO Flood Risk Management


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